Monday, June 21, 2010

Hypocrisy & Sex Tourism

The article is bad enough, the nauseating true life story from "Lucy" really is self-serving bullshit, if a man wrote anything like this he'd get torn apart.

A couple of choice quotes, with my additions...

"The words "sex tourism" make me think of City boys who go to Thailand with their mates for seedy conquests to boast about."
Ah yes, boasting. Sort of like an article in a newspaper about shagging a local lad for money.
"It's different for women."
Only in your head.
"When they go abroad for sex, it's about wanting to feel special and escaping the boundaries at home."
And those lucky men probably love it as well, just like those hookers.
"There are very strict rules at the hotel about staff and guests..."
Hmm, sounds like a brothel
" I knew I had to make the first move."
The first move? You're paying him for sex, what "moves" exactly are required?
"I told him I was going for a walk on the beach - and we spent our first night together. It was very romantic."
Using code? Still sounds like a brothel.
"Sandi and I had a great time."
Ah yes once again, he loved it, how could he not? The money was incidental.
Compare with this in the Daily Mash. Which one is satire again?

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