Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seagulls following the trawler

Cantona has taken a break from shrugging, having a cool beard and "philosophising" to propose an audacious attempt to destabilise the banks.

You know what, part of me wants this to work. Especially when the French Finance Minister and the head of the useless BNP Paribas are saying that state bank bailouts did not "cost the taxpayer anything." I mean, how cretinously stupid do they think people are (not sure they're wrong mind, but would be nice if they attempted to hide it).

I'm sick and tired of money being poured into a failed experiment (the Euro/Eurozone), and I'm sick and tired of the banks being helped over and over again, to the detriment of everyone else. I was against the bailouts at the start, and I'm against them now. Moral hazard is now everywhere, and we have the ridiculous situation where Allied Irish Bank bondholders are threatening to sue if they take a haircut on their investments. They're right to do so in one sense, but the Government and EU have created a situation where bondholders who have basically taken state money are going to sue the same state, for fuck's sake.

It's got to stop. I always thought Cantona was about as much of a philosopher as Les Dennis, but it appears I may have misunderestimated him.

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