Friday, February 11, 2011

Ashton takes a pasting

Some happy news at last, although it will of course come to nothing for obvious reasons. Baroness "Capability" Ashton has come bottom of a rating of all the European Commissioners, to which I say firstly bwahahahahahahaha.
 "Sixty nine per cent of 324 Brussels "policy-makers", with EU and national officials constituting the largest group, ranked Europe's first foreign minister as "disappointing" or "below average"
Now, two caveats to the hilarity here. The first is, as a Brit she was always going to do badly. However, in this case I suspect it's on merit rather than nationality (or indeed looks), The second, sadder caveat is of course that, as she has never been elected to anything in her life, not a single fuck will be given by her this day. I found this quote amusing:
The Daily Telegraph understands that one senior EU official has given the Labour peer until the summer to improve her performance or face an ultimatum for her to resign.
I'm sure she will be very keen to impose a deadline on herself, be less embarrassing than waiting for re-election, oh hang on, I forgot, no elections, silly of me.

Meanwhile, Hannan has stuck the boot in over at his blog. Ridiculously (in my view anyway), he claims that Egypt's attempts to prevent her from visiting mean that:
The days of the autocrats are numbered.
To which I said in his comments section:
Balls. Once the new leaders get stuck in they'll hook up with whoever can funnel them the most money, and that'll be the EU. Meet the new boss.
Once again, not a single fuck shall ever be given by Ashton, Von Pumpoy or their ilk, they are untouchable and the farcical attempts by Parliament to deny UK prisoners the vote will prove this definitively. The EU will win and show beyond all doubt that sovereignty is dead.

The only good way this ends is Captain Ranty's golden scenario of the EU kicking the UK out for non-compliance. It won't happen though. Everyone likes the money too much.

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