Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"The guy can't even resign properly"

Unbelievable. Being as I am fairly busy in the evenings with a new baby, I didn't have the chance to watch or read any news last night. I did see something about Brown resigning that warmed my heart, but it was all too hectic to I thought I'd read it at my leisure at work.

So here I am. First warning sign is the pound below 1.48 against the USD. What's going on, I wondered? And then I opened my Google Reader. Fuck me, what a shitstorm this is! The egregiously unpleasant, power-obsessed fabian turd has actually managed to do the worst possible thing for the country, with a bizarre half resignation. And the frigging spineless, unfit for purpose Lib Dims are seriously getting into bed with Labour?

I said this a couple of days ago, and I'll say it again. What exactly do these fuckers have to do in order to stop people voting for them and working with them? Do Labour actually not only need to shit on the carpet of every voter in the country, but also the carpet of every single Lib Dim MP as well, just to make doubly sure that people get it?

I'm actually slightly despondent this morning about it all. I thought the result might be the death of British politics, but I was wrong. This is. The political classes are so out of touch with anything that, while the country's economy is melting down under a colossal debt mountain, they are stamping their feet about reforming the electoral system. It's just awful.

As the Clown said:

Watch the markets. This isn't going to be ugly.

This is going to be Greek.

We will be cap in hand to the IMF, it'll be the late 70s all over again, before we see the back of Brown. Every politician (and I do mean every single one), every Labour voter, every pathetic journalist incapable of doing any work, understanding economics or searching out the truth, hang your head in shame. The UK is going down the toilet, and it is your fault.

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