Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Nanny-statism in action, as the "Chief Executive", whatever the hell that means in a charity, of Drinkaware leaped into action to make sure an opportunity to show his contempt for other people was seized with both hands.

The article is fairly innocent, with research suggesting that light drinking by a pregnant woman has zero impact on the unborn baby. Seems pretty sensible to me, getting hammered every day probably not a good idea but a couple of glasses here and there not a major issue. Certainly did my kids no harm, but then I wasn't the pregnant one ho ho ho.

However, up pops Chris Sorek from Drinkaware (emphasis mine):
He said: "Despite these findings, it is important to remember that 'light drinking' can mean different things to different people.
Ah-hah, so perhaps you should spend all your time telling pregnant women exactly how much they should drink. Oh wait, you do? On teh interwebz and everything? So what's the problem?
"There is a risk that if pregnant women take this research as a green light to drink a small amount, they could become complacent, drink more than they think they are and inadvertently cause harm to their unborn child.
Yes, pregnant women are famed for their complacency. I had to keep reminding my wife she was pregnant, as the responsibility of carrying a tiny person around inside you for 9 months really meant nothing. You twat.
"Excessive drinking during pregnancy can carry serious consequences and lifelong damage to children and should be avoided."
Which is of course irrelevant to this article, which is very clearly stating that light drinking is not harmful. Bugger off Mr. Sorek, you add less than nothing to the debate.


  1. Just what pregnant women have been waiting for, another man to tell them what they need to feel guilty about!

  2. I gather ignorance and self-righteousness are qualities pregnant women really look for in their male advisors!