Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More HMRC Failure

The rolling, relentlessly ugly car crash that is the HMRC just keeps embarrassing itself more and more.

This, bear in mind, is the same organisation that felt it would be a good idea to collect gross income and distribute the net, post-tax amount, as a way of "simplifying PAYE".

Here are some choice nuggets to feed your ire, emphasis mine:
Millions more people could be caught up in the HMRC tax chaos than first thought, its chief executive admitted yesterday.
Ah yes, the chief executive. Because HMRC is a company accountable to, wait, wait, no sorry I can't find anyone.
Dame Lesley Strathie warned the PAYE problems could continue for at least two years, with hundreds of thousands more people falling victim to mistakes. She revealed the whole fiasco had cost Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs almost £170million.
Clearly not made a Dame for her grasp of simple facts. This hasn't cost HMRC anything, because HMRC do not have any fucking money! It's taxpayer money that you are wasting, losing and fucking up with. Which is why your position of CEO is utterly irrelevant.
Dame Lesley disclosed that the fiasco had lost the HMRC £167million – and she admitted that the organisation had known about the problem before the election but had not said anything.
Why am I not even surprised. It's beyond the tail wagging the dog, it's like the turd wagging the tail wagging the frigging dog.
But she added that it would not be until 2012 that ‘we still see a stable system’ – meaning that wrong codings could still be being sent out two years from now.
No, we won't. No govt department will ever have a stable system because procurement is such a cluster-fuck and everyone working there is so wilfully ignorant.

And why the fuck is it still called Her Majesty's anything? Can we not just be honest and accept that they are the collections agency for the Government and name it more honestly? Any suggestions?


  1. Give us yer fucking money or we'll send in the boys. Isn't that what the other extortionists say?

    Or how about Stand and Deliver? Dick Turpin could be put to shame by these faceless cretins.

  2. The big difference I see is you could defend yourself against Turpin. Try and defend yourself against the Govt, who are after all effectively working for you, and you'll end up jailed or worse.

  3. EURC - European Union Revenue and Customs

  4. *shudder*. I really do like being in Switzerland at the moment I must admit...