Friday, November 12, 2010

The worst thing is, 98% of people don't give a shit

JuliaM got there first with the first bit of my post, which was Britain needing a reboot. Yes it does, and badly, although I'm not sure she quite expressed the reasons I see for this (although I agree entirely with hers).

The stories she catalogues are just a tiny slice of the things that occur daily in the UK, and the worst and most egregious is of course the extraordinary decision to find Paul Chambers guilty.

This has been covered by people that have more closely followed the story, see here and here.

But what really fucks me off is, no-one gives a shit. No-one. It's only had any coverage at all because of the sterling work of Jack of Kent (amongst others tbf), and I know if I mention this to anyone I'll get a blank look. Because people do not understand the wider implications.

Although I have no plans to, I do understand the motivations of those bloggers that have recently quit. I do see how shouting in what feels like a massive vacuum becomes tedious.

So, what to do? Getting people to care is not easy, but this seems to be a good start. The reviewer is a bit of a twat clearly, but getting a documentary about the real scale of wasted money and UK debt might kickstart something. If people can stop seeing the Government as a cross between nanny and all-knowing uncle, and instead as a thieving, parasitical waste of space and money, maybe it will all come tumbling down and we can have some sort of a reboot, even just a political one.


  1. Nobody gives a fuck because they don't understand. Very few people have the ability to process abstract concepts or handle numbers outside there everyday experience. We could perhaps think label those that can as the “intellectual” class.

    Guess what? The state tips billions into a effort to suborn the entire intellectual class (by employing them as teachers in schools, universities quangos and so on).

    State economics is pseudo-scientific numerology (look up nonlinear dynamical systems) coupled with a strong does of hegemonic discourse.

    A billion pound propaganda agency with a committed staff of toughing statist piggies can be quite effective at peddling the statist world view too.

  2. I give a shit, in fact I'm getting very annoyed indeed.
    So OK, I'm just me, no special powers or revolutionary skills, but word is spreading.

  3. Chers for link! :)

    "...and I know if I mention this to anyone I'll get a blank look. Because people do not understand the wider implications."

    Ditto *sigh*

  4. Thing is, they are not interested in ANYTHING.

    "Enthusiasm" is the new bogey man that no one will mention, or allow in their presence.

    Any one now who argues a point as we did in the pubs, and other meeting places, with entusiasm, conviction, and passion, is immediately labled "Angry" and possibly vilontly dangerous.

    The people of North Western Europe have had the shit kicked out of them by the brain dead sandle bearing, men hating (Even the "men"), crochet knicker wearing, cnd member, bastions of the local PTA, pascifist arseholes, who not only could not, but WOULD not defend their position if their, or their families lives depended on it.

    The world is run by the wankers that we all met in ozur sixth form days, as they were preparing to take over quietly.

  5. davidincl - oh yes, the power of self-interested greedy bastards is not to be underestimated when it comes to looking after themselves.

    anon - good, I hope so, now time to get a profile and blog of your own and spread the good word!

    JuliaM - seriously, it makes me sad sometimes, I just think "why am I even saying this? I know how this ends"! Doesn't stop me though.

    Furor Teutonicus - nail on the head. Every word of that comment is exactly right, "Angry" is now somehow an insult. Debating is an utterly lost art as people are so frightened of upsetting each other. Spineless wankers. Also a lot of the people who would discuss these sorts of things in the pubs are smokers so 1-0 to the State there then.