Friday, January 21, 2011

Michelle Obama Killing Pedestrians

I'm not the biggest fan of the Obama administration, and I do think that spouses of leaders should mainly STFU and stop interfering, but this is just ludicrous:

"Governors Highway Safety Association Director Barbara Harsha blamed Mrs Obama and was quoted as saying in the Washington Examiner: 'There's an emphasis these days to getting fit, and I think people doing that are more exposed to risk [of getting hit by a vehicle].'"

Apparently, the First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign is responsible this increase. I wonder how many thousands of pedestrians have been mowed down by this cruel campaign?
In the period between January and June last year there were 1,891 road related deaths, which - while being only seven more than during the same period the previous year - bucked a trend that had been going down for four years.
Seven? Seven? WTF?

Still, it is clearly this campaign as there are no other factors, right?
Alcohol is also factor in increased pedestrian deaths.
'We've done a good job of getting people, after a night out of partying, to leave their keys behind,' continued Mr Adkins, 'but just because you are walking does not mean you are not at risk.'
Ah. People getting smashed and driving is a very bad idea, but unintended consequences are a bitch right?
Pedestrians are also increasingly distracted by iPods and smart phones. 
So, these extra 7 deaths are in fact attributable to alcohol, technology AND the First Lady's campaign. Wow. I wonder what the split is, because I think policies should be formulated and utter dickheads like Barbra Harsha employed for a kind of crisis like this.

And I know this is the Fail, but even so, is a journalist really incapable of thinking about this? I suppose at least the "Daily Mail Reporter" had the sense not to put his or her name to this piece of trash.


  1. I blame milk. Bloody dangerous stuff.

    Look at the amount of people who eat and drink milk/products in the 24 hours before they get run over!

    ASTOUNDING so it is.

  2. "Pedestrians are also increasingly distracted by iPods and smart phones. "

    Case in point: idiot woman who fell into a shopping mall fountain while texting.

    And is now threatening to sue the security guards for not preventing this...

  3. FT - I don't know if you watched Misfits, but the penultimate episode of season 2 made me see the dangers of dairy in a whole new light! Brrrrrr freaky!

    JuliaM - that case gets wrinklier, apparently she was up in court recently on theft vharges (from the same mall?) and has a hit and run on her record. Classy!

  4. XX Timdog said...

    FT - I don't know if you watched Misfits,XX

    No T.V. And I doubt we would get it in Germany anyway.