Monday, January 3, 2011

Union Hypocrisy

It's nice to see that rabble-rouser Len McCluskey's New Year's resolution was to hit new heights of hypocritical arseholery, criticising George Osborne for taking his family to Klosters for Christmas.

Frankly, Osborne can do what he wants with his money, although if he had watched the Thick of It he might have known how this holiday would go down. I'll judge a politician on what he does, not how he spends his money, and for me his cuts are inadequate, but I couldn't give a shit about his holiday choices.

But Len McCluskey? Len McCluskey, head of the Unite trade union, a man who earns over 130k per year, plus no doubt all manner of wonderful perks not available to the common man, is going to tell someone else how to spend their money? This utter hypocrite is going to accuse others of not feeling the pain? What a prick.

I am glad that 2011 is going to be exactly the same as 2010, what a surprise.


  1. Osborne and all the other millionaires in Parliament really don't care what the 'public' think about them. They are a protected species.
    Where they go wrong they assume the ability to maintain a large bank account gives them the ability to run a country.

  2. Perhaps, but then there is an equally erroneous idea on the Left that the ability to not maintain a large bank account in some way qualifies you to run a country. The fact is it's irrelevant, and it's sad that the UK is so riven with the class system that people think it matters.

    All MPs are a protected species William, that's why MPs from every major party stole money from the country via expenses. They all did it. They all think they're better than you, and they think the people are the servants and not their masters.

    As long as you think along tribal lines, and just see red and blue, they'll all keep doing it because they've blinded you.

  3. Maybe the elite ruling class made a New Year's resolution to be even more hypocritical than they were in 2010.