Thursday, April 15, 2010

Freedom to Chewse

In the US, it seems the Major League (of Baseball) want to ban players from using smokeless tobacco while playing. To be clear, they are referring to chewing tobacco. The reasons? Health risks and a bad influence on the children.

So a grown adult will now be banned from using a product that is completely legal and has absolutely zero negative impact on anyone other than the user. This adult is not allowed to look after his own health, and of course we have the "won't anyone think of the cheeldren" argument.

“The highest prevalence of smokeless tobacco use in recent years has been observed among young adults, especially males,” Pechacek said today in prepared testimony. “Few adults 26 years or older reported initiating smokeless tobacco use,” he said, citing data from 2002 to 2007.

The key word there is "adult". So now, a man under the age of 26 is so impressionable that he will start chewing tobacco purely because a baseball player does it.

The utter contempt with which we are treated (and it's the same in the UK, although not in Switzerland yet thank god) is truly depressing.

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