Friday, April 23, 2010

Six Thousand Million Pounds

Why is Brown allowed to get away with statements like this?

"So the dangers of the Conservative policy of cutting ten time this amount - six thousand million pounds - out of the economy as they propose for an emergency Budget in June are as grave as they are misjudged," he said.

For God's sake, why doesn't Cameron explain that this is NOT money out of the economy? We are the frigging economy, not the State! The 6 billion (and Brown's patronising explanation of how big the number is annoys me as well) came from the economy. This is basic stuff, and begging for Cameron or Osborne to just crush this nonsense.

Not only that, but Brown is using the fear of a double-dip recession to try to win votes. Again, why he is being allowed to get away with this? He should be torn to pieces, crushed like an ant, taken down to Chinatown in a rickshaw driven by Tory Bear for this crap (sorry, got carried away, amusing mental image though).

No wonder we're heading for a hung Parliament when CMD ignores a gold-plated opportunity like this time and time again. Time is ticking, and Dave's time is now, unless he wants to be remembered as the Tory that couldn't beat Brown.

From the Times

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