Friday, June 25, 2010

Get a Grip

This from the Daily Mail caught my eye:

Contains a rather amusing picture of a baby supposedly smoking a bong. This has bizarrely triggered Child Services involvement. Note that there are no pics of the baby puffing out smoke, or trying to eat his own weight in Wheat Crunchies or Pepperami, or perhaps trying to put his hair into dreads, just a pic of him basically chewing a bong. Probably safe to assume he wasn't getting a smoke on.

My mate has a young daughter, and he often "offers her" his beer bottle, which she tries to eat. Makes for a comedy photo, but surprisingly enough he doesn't let her drink the beer. Probably also not a case for Child Services, although who knows nowadays.

Just get a bloody grip, for the love of God, and fuck off out of people's lives.


  1. I was brought up in Devon where drinking cider was then mandatory.

    My 11 y/o now drinks it. Didn't turn me into a babbling twat, did it?

    As you were.

  2. Babbling tweeter maybe!

    Cider doesn't count anyway, I used to hit up a couple of litres of it from the age of 12 on a Friday night and sngdhjhsdf kskdfs it did me hdfsfs no harm yippit yippit.

    Sadly, drinking and then boaking up large quantities of Woodpecker and Strongbow as a yoof has slightly ruined my enjoyment of it as an adult, pity 'cos it always looks so good on a hot day.