Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No More CRB Checks? In My Dreams Apparently

Please let this be true, this really would be a proper step forward for the coalition.

The Child Protection Checks are to my mind one of the most insidious, divisive pieces of legislation to come out of the Labour Government cesspit. Starting from the appalling premise that everyone was a child abuser until proven otherwise, the ugliness of these checks was matched only by their clear ineffectiveness in stopping offenders. It was of great concern to me that the Coalition had not specifically mentioned repealing these checks, but now it seems they will. Not a moment too soon.

UPDATE: Thanks to @UncleMarvo for drawing my attention to the last paragraph of the article, which I had missed. In fact, the existing CRB checks will stay in place. Utter bastards, I am hugely disappointed.

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