Monday, June 7, 2010

Rearranging the deckchairs or business as usual?

This, kindly pointed out by Obo, is amazing on several levels. First and most obviously, do they really think one single person will change one thing they do during the World Cup based on this advice? Not only is it joyless bollocks, but it will be so utterly ignored it'll make my Religious Studies teacher seem like Mr. Chips.

Beyond that though, are these people just not even getting the hint a tiny bit? Maybe tone down some of this nonsense. Or are their hands so firmly over their ears, and their "la-la-la I can't hearrrrrr youuuuuuu" so loud that they really do not realise the end is nigh?

Or more worryingly, is DK right, and is all this Great Repeal stuff just a Great Repeal Swindle? I really hope not, but it is interesting that these organisations feel they can just push on with no concessions to the apparent new climate of no-more-quangoes.

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