Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just fuck off. Seriously.

The Coalition really are just another bunch of nanny-state wankers aren't they. I was cynical about them, but I thought we might see some small changes. But no. Now we have "nudging", because some twat has read a book and decided this is how to run a Government. So today we have this:

How much for this initiative, you may ask? 250 million pounds. £250'000'000. A drop in the ocean compared to the monumental debt mountain of a trillion (can't be arsed to write it out, it's a lot of zeroes), but still a lot of wonga.

Andrew Lansley, who is rapidly becoming the Comical Ali of the Coalition (although it actually isn't that funny), is also expected to
...announce moves to stop sales of cheap alcohol, to launch a consultation on the introduction on plain tobacco packaging, and draw up measures to encourage businesses to do more to allow women to breastfeed at work.
So, the parlous state of the UK economy will be fixed by making booze more expensive, making smoking even cooler (and these more popular) and finally making women unemployable and/or small businesses bankrupt.
A source said: “The Government's tack on public health will switch from 'nannying' under Labour to 'nudging' under the Coalition, with the idea of encouraging people to make healthy decisions on their own without lots of regulation and pressure from Whitehall.
So, it's the same, just a slightly different and arguably more pernicious method. At least Labour didn't ever really try to hide their desperation to control every part of your lives. The Coalitiamong however think people are so stupid that they can be conned into changing behaviour. They're probably right, but there is nothing remotely Conservative about this coalition, and truly nothing Libertarian, despite having an "instinctive libertarian" at its head.


  1. because some twat has read a book and decided this is how to run a Government.

    With the last lot it was "1984". Whats new?

  2. Absolutely agree, nothing whatsoever is new. Even by the low expectations I had of these idiots, their relentless adherence to the same controlling, big Government bollocks has slightly disappointed me.

  3. Dissapointed certainly.


    I Was BORN cynical. And I am 99% of the time correct.

  4. Maybe I should savbe myself the effort and stop being dissapointed.

  5. Might help avoid that 1% where you're wrong! I wouldn't say I was surprised that the general trend was the same, but it has surprised me how completely things have stayed the same.

  6. It was actualy said in the German news last week. Sorry, no link, it was a fleeting moment on one of the 34 channels of shite they feed us with.

    For it to be noticed by a FORIEGN nerws service/politician ()Normally the same thing) is rather pointed.

  7. Indeed, that is mildly encouraging although the German media would do well to turn their fire on their own Government, as the bailout burden is only going to increase and Merkel is very susceptible to voter pressure at the moment. If she balks at Portugal, then the Euro experiment is over.

    I appear to have wandered off topic. Oh well, my blog I suppose!

  8. Something I find different here to Britain, and from what a lot of people in the U.K rhink; There is NO "pub talk" about politics. To get a "political conversation" going, you have to attend party meetings.

    There is no "guts for it" here.

    But then you have to consider, we have only been "free" since 1949. Before that we had never known a TRULY free political life. Even Prussia had their "secret police" (They became the Gestapo). People are VERY wary about voicing political opinion.

  9. Sadly that's dying everywhere I think. Pubs are no places for that sort of talk, full of families as they are nowadays, or indeed just empty.

    If you start a conversation along these lines people tell you to chill out and stop being controversial/being angry/ranting. It's hard to have a political debate with anyone nowadays.

  10. Angry and ranting is what particularly annoys me.

    It is entirely obvious they have never heard a REAL rant, or anger.

    NOW you get accused of it, and treated like a smoker, because you type in capital letters when the bloody icons refuse to work.

    They really do NOT have a bloody CLUE. And even MORE annoying, are the people that have been "trapped" that USED to be "firey, tempremental and "angry".

    Are they putting something in the milk? (I DO NOT drink milk, It is dangerous.)

  11. I sometimes think that if they actually figured out how to be different and did it, we would all shit ourseves...

    "I think therefore I am..." http://dioclese.blogspot.com