Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kate Moss reads blogs it seems

Kate Moss apparently takes double-up Wednesday very seriously, so kudos to Dick P, Grumpy Old Twat for Old-Rightie and Leg-Iron for getting on the supermodel's reading list.

*From the Telegraph.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where we are vs. where we should be

On the Telegraph I spotted this article, and thought to myself "Thank God for that, finally a bit of discipline"

How stupid I am. Because in fact, this is just another way to freak out young children in the name of sex education:
"Primary schoolchildren could be taught the importance of “no means no” in new sex education lessons, the Government will say today."
Wow. I can see how that is a more important lesson to teach 5-11 year-olds than how to read and write when you're dealing with kids that potentially don't even know their own names.

Then I read this appalling shit propagated by OFSTED, and I think, fuck this.

If I ever move back to the UK and can't afford to go Private, I'll become a Mormon and get my kids excluded from "personal, social, health and economic education". When I want my kids to know about "no means no" in regards to sex, as opposed to having a sweet for example, I, their father, and my wife, their mother, will tell them.

Not some sandal-wearing feminist telling my sons they are by default bastards because of their gender.