Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where we are vs. where we should be

On the Telegraph I spotted this article, and thought to myself "Thank God for that, finally a bit of discipline"

How stupid I am. Because in fact, this is just another way to freak out young children in the name of sex education:
"Primary schoolchildren could be taught the importance of “no means no” in new sex education lessons, the Government will say today."
Wow. I can see how that is a more important lesson to teach 5-11 year-olds than how to read and write when you're dealing with kids that potentially don't even know their own names.

Then I read this appalling shit propagated by OFSTED, and I think, fuck this.

If I ever move back to the UK and can't afford to go Private, I'll become a Mormon and get my kids excluded from "personal, social, health and economic education". When I want my kids to know about "no means no" in regards to sex, as opposed to having a sweet for example, I, their father, and my wife, their mother, will tell them.

Not some sandal-wearing feminist telling my sons they are by default bastards because of their gender.


  1. They might know what it means, but they won't be able to spell it...

  2. They already know full well that "No" means "I won't do it" if they say it, and "I shall carry on as I please what you gonna do about it?" if a teacher says it.