Monday, December 20, 2010

I am Pornacus

This amazing piece of illiberal bullshit has already been beaten within an inch of its sorry life here, here, here, here and here.

So I won't go over the ins and outs, as it were (hur hur), or depriving adults of the right to look at whatever they want to look at, in the name of thinking of the cheeeeldren.

However, the question of what will constitute porn is an interesting one, and it occured to me that a tricky challenge for the Government would be if every website were to include one "pornographic" image, starting with bloggers putting one on their blog. It strikes me that there would be some interesting freedom of speech issues created, not that the Government give a shit about that.

Hence, the title of the post. I had "I am Spurtacus" initially but Pornacus sounds to me like he could have been around in Roman times, selling carved images of "Senators' Wives" from inside his toga.

So here it is. Pretty mild really, but I suspect it would be enough.

Does this now categorise my site as adult?

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