Monday, October 18, 2010

Director of Climate Change

Here is an ad for the post of Director of Climate Change at the World Economic Forum.

Aside from the fact that it might as well be for the Director of Flat Earth and Fairy Dust, just read it. It's gibberish. There is such a slurry of cliches, such a cesspipe of management-speak, and in my view the more management bullshit something contains the less likely it is that a) the person that wrote it knows what they're talking about and b) that it will be important.

I was going to pull out some key phrases, but fuck it, here's the whole thing:
You will be responsible for the ongoing delivery and future development of the World Economic Forum’s Climate Change Initiative. In doing so, you will provide content direction and leadership to an existing team and project portfolio, and you will develop and evolve the work to ensure sustained impact and relevance in the wider low-carbon and green growth agenda.
You have an advanced university degree and extensive senior management experience in a relevant corporation, government and/or international organization. You have an exceptional understanding of the global climate change and low-carbon growth agenda, particularly in infrastructure investment and related finance matters. You also have a strong understanding of the key strategic and geopolitical issues relating to climate change, and know how to work with multiple stakeholders to address them. You are comfortable engaging with business leaders, government officials and leading experts involved in climate change and related matters, many of whom would consider you a peer.
You have a strong focus on delivery to tight deadlines, coupled with excellent leadership, interpersonal and networking skills. You are an energetic, hardworking and positive team player who can inspire an exceptional team. You have excellent communication skills and a perfect command of written and spoken English; other languages are a plus.
If you possess the relevant qualifications and background and if you thrive in a highly demanding environment, please apply.


  1. Oh yes, that most poisonous of forked-tongue languages

  2. There's an existing internal candidate they want to give more money to.

  3. Haha, I hadn't thought of that, nice

  4. ""You also have a strong understanding of the key strategic and geopolitical issues relating to climate change""

    Would "It's all bollocks", constitute a strong understanding?

    If so, I might apply.

  5. They'd choke on their tofu I suspect.

    I think something like
    "I am applying for this post as I have an excellent understanding of which way the wind blows, and certainly have no desire to see our funding cut as that would mean less money for me.
    In Climatism we Trust."