Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The pointlessness of judges

Fuck this.

With this decision, and the hundreds of other appallingly inadequate sentences and prosecutions that are doing all kinds of damage to parts of the UK, the judicial system has jumped the shark.

If this was my son, then very bad things would happen to these three savages. I don't say that lightly. I don't believe in vigilantism or an eye for an eye for its own sake. However, when an old lady needs the support of a brilliant, determined blogger and a journalist to avoid prosecution for dropping cigarette ash, and three thugs walk free with a suspended sentence for torturing an autistic boy for 3 days, something is badly broken.
"Judge Geake said he had taken into account the attackers’ ages, remorse and the fact they had pleaded guilty."
Remorse? You can't show remorse for something carried out over 3 days. Remorse is lashing out and wishing you hadn't. This was a sustained attack on someone who couldn't defend himself. And as for pleading guilty, they had footage on their own mobile phones of the attack. What were they going to do? Deny it?

Judge Geake, I would not usually wish ill on anyone, but I hope something similar befalls your family. Then we can see how important remorse and pleading guilty really are for sentencing.


  1. There's really no exonerating judges anymore. Those that support this kind of "sentencing" are merely wealthy Marxists (is there any other kind?) who live half a mile from anyone else.

    Those who say nothing or bleat a little here and there about the state of affairs are still more than happy to remain a part of this corrupt system and cream off a hefty salary out of it.

    So fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. A plague upon their houses.

  2. A plague of ugly shaven-headed scrotes "wiv nowt better to do" on their houses. Starting to think the only way to make these bastards understand is to make them live it.

  3. Not that I condone such divisive sentencing, but how in hell does this NOT count as a disability 'hate crime'..?

  4. Had't thought of that, I agree that it's bollocks but as you say, if you're going to have stupid divisive policies, they should at least be applied fairly. This would seem to be pretty clear-cut to me. I'm sure a disability equalities coordinator will be along to clear things up for us...

  5. Good on you for h/t to Anna but the blog seems to have entirely disappeared. The link goes straight to a parked url page. What's going on then?

  6. Blimey, there was an odd error message this morning but I assumed it would sort itself out. Anyone else know what's happening to Anna's blog?